As if Climate Change was not enough


Aleksey Semenenko, a famous young Ukrainian violinist, is locked in Kyiv. He went back to give a concert just before the Russian attack on that country. Now he is in hiding somewhere with his precious Stradivarius instrument. Mr Volodymr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine needs men between the ages of 18 and 60 to defend their territory.

I was born on Armistice Day in 1945, in the year World War 2 ended, and on a day which celebrates the end of World War 1. It was expected that there would never be a war like it again. But since 1945, according to my very inexpert research, there have been over 400 serious conflicts across the world. So, are we on the brink again? It looks like we are the most dangerous species on the planet.

My fright and despair is palpable and my paralysis about what I can do shameful. I found something in my writing about my own dangerous cancer years ago, which I have adapted to try and put words on my feelings. Read, pass on, comment, and give feedback.

Mar. 12, 2022

a bug

without noticing
a bug leaped into my life
it caught me off guard

my panicked body
paralyses resistance
now i lie and hope

i was so looking
forward to so much
disaster dictates otherwise

now I cling to the wire
on the spine of my notebook
as my survival raft