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I met Miles Lowry in Annamakerrig in April 2017. I was with Bealtaine Writers on our annual visit there to write and share our work. He came from Vancouver with his partner David Ferguson to paint for two months. I fell in love with this work which he called Meeting across the Waters and negotiated to buy. It sits over the mantlepiece in all its splendour. We all love it and are very glad to have it.

The theme of gratitude is spoken about at great lengths everywhere there is a discussion about human consciousness and I have come to it in this poem.

As usual, enjoy reading, be sure to share it and let me know what you think.

Meeting across the Waters
Painting by Miles Lowry

Things I'm Grateful for as I get Older

Each morning now two grandchildren

come bounding onto my bed

quite early and bounce me to awake

I like that


We sit in matching green-winged chairs

have mid-morning coffee in a quiet room

chat about our current lives

That pleases me


I saw a man I had forgotten

he surfaced first on social media

met him then in Howth

we shared like there was no tomorrow

I feel enriched


As a year of intensive study

reached an end last week

the household breathed great relief

diploma for us all

A good ending


We escape to a hideaway

in the South of France

a place that lifts the spirit

true human nourishment

How lucky are we


I had a great escape from death

my sister was my saviour

I wallow in my borrowed time

thriftly sharing it with others

How blessed am I


We sit all five around a table

write what thoughts we conjure up

we've known each other

for an age relish us together

Thank you Dr Guthrie


A life lived passing quickly

so much to remember to delight

highlights more than lowlights

family and friends around who bolster us

I am so grateful

Peter Clarke 

May 2018