Another Piece

I continue to be gratified and delighted by your response to my blogs. It encourages me greatly to continue even when the evil bird on my shoulder tells me to quit while I'm behind. This is a piece that struck me on a very fine day on the Port of St Jean. Read and enjoy.

The previous blogs will stay up for a while or until somebody tells me that they are sick of them.

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Roger Federer served us drinks

the Moscow younger version

or maybe not maroon polo shirt

sharp handsome athletic face

professional smile and practice

of the good hospitality staff


St Jean the place of big and small

boats the haunt of rich and not so

business offerings of high end food

pampering former Soviet wealth

maybe even illicit Italian riches

we are here without those credentials


We sat on the newly restored port

sipped rosé and prosecco gazed

on the assets of the boating fraternity

lounged like we owned everything

smoked small cigars were spoiled

as if Europe rich not Irish poor


Peter Clarke

(Image: Dufy from Cocteau Museum Exhibition)