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Manchester Art Gallery Entrance


The past six months have passed in the blink of an eye. The first and second terms in Manchester have finished and the first assignment has been submitted. Now, I wait with bated breath for the result. The learning about writing poetry has been immense. Appreciation for the work of my classmates is huge. We have been a great bunch together. In the second term, we had a three-day workshop on Writing about Relationships which was very enlightening. One of the sessions was held in the Manchester Art Gallery. It reminded me of my frequent visits to Dublin art galleries over the past years to write. Most recently, I was in the National Gallery and came across three paintings side by side which struck me, so I wrote this poem. As usual, read, enjoy, share and send me some feedback.

Three Nudes


O’Connor, Orpen, Bonnard,

three painters, three nudes –

red-hued, turquoise, green –


a common softness of form:

gentle buttock curves,

light shadows of indentation,


rounded torsos, small breasts,

deeply sensual, they capture

their warm-blooded beings.


Eyes dilate, cheeks warm,

torso rises draws a deep sigh,

three painters, three nudes.


Peter Clarke

April 2019