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Maeve Binchy owed the citizens of Dublin half her fortune in royalties because of how she famously evesdropped and stole conversations. Tony Curtis was the first person I heard to say all poets borrow and great poets steal. So when the text arrived reporting on a conversation between my grandchildren on the way home from school I couldn't resist. So here it is and as usual please read enjoy share and feedback.

The Beginnings of a Play


Harvey: a five-year-old boy just started primary school

Walter: a two and a half-year-old brother attending first year in creche

Conversation coming home in the car:

H: How was your day Walter?
W: Grunt
H: Was it good?
W: Grunt
H: Say Aye
W: Aye
H: Did you eat all your dinner? Aye?
W: Aye
H: Did you eat it by yourself. Aye 
W: Aye
H: I’m very impwessed with you.