Time to Stop

Photo credit: Mahmud Ahsan

All Good Things Come to an End

We have acquired new titles over the past months: vulnerable person, person at risk, a stay at home person, a socially distanced person. A new world is closing down around us. We are fortunate that our extended household keeps us both busy, active and engaged. Grandchildren are the joy and delight in the house. Daughter, Sorcha and son-in-law, Chris, are both out in the world and contributing to making it safe while engaging as teachers, a hugely important role for normalising this new situation. We continue to be in the world, minding, chauffeuring, keeping house, writing, studying, making, being. In addition, I am now at the point of ending an older part of our world. After 60 years of work, I will now formally close down my business on 11th November, which will be my 75th birthday. Some say that you shouldn’t signpost the older life, but, damn it, I want to close and celebrate. It has been a huge roller coaster working life. I should point out that this is not slippers, fireplace, TV and oblivion. There is another project out there prepared by the Masters in Poetry which I will complete early next year. With all this in mind, I was drawn to write the following poem.


As usual: read, enjoy, feedback, pass on.

Peter Clarke
October 2020