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Terminal 1 Nice Airport

Terminal 1 Nice Airport

We are in mad times indeed, and for the foreseeable future. A piece of nostalgia, like when you were last in an airport, is what is needed, I think. Enjoy, share, give me feedback.

Nice Airport

treetops - grey and white steel joists make a visible roof  -

small bushes - girders hidden in plaster cladding –

hedgerows and flower beds - red seats - tables in rows –

unbelievably real sparrows live here -

flit from table to table - hop on smooth tiled floors

unfazed by shod feet - they will even drop

            to your plate and nibble cookies

- cheeky feathered creatures have adapted

Peter Clarke


Dylan Ryan

28.09.2020 15:55

My dad and I thought your poem was super. D


28.09.2020 14:18

I love the imagery of the first stanza, the second is the epitome of adjusting!


28.09.2020 07:17

Airports - the ghost towns of another era.

Latest comments

25.11 | 22:15

Grief is experience through the mundane. Simple but powerful. The accompanying image really compliments the poem.

07.11 | 11:14

Hi Peter,

A great observation! Social media can be a scary place... I also need to reduce my time there



06.11 | 16:24

A great one, Peter, in the context you describe. I don't read social media myself, I doubt my equilibrium could stand it. 'The balance of his mind disturbed' yes, I think it would be.

06.11 | 15:59

Yes, gossip is a weapon of mass destruction.

In my business as well as personal life I have zero tolerance.

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