Noticing Things

Thank you all for your continued encouragment. The advantage of this is that it is all my own, everything is my choice. The disadvantage is that it is all my own ! In March of this year I wrote this piece as a response to news headlines. I am even more uncertain particularly around the idea of commenting on the world (Who do you think you are? echos around me). Anyway here it is for what its worth. Comments good bad and indifferent welcome as usual.

Pablo PIcasso

The State of Things

World news came to me through my iPhone screen:

St. Petersburg underground exploded;

in London people on a bridge were mowed,

they came to see how old democracy

looked on an ancient river, calming it;

runners on a street in Boston blasted,

limbs scattered, lives lost; in Nice children and

grans felt bullet and truck during fireworks.


The new US orange faced chief harked back -

brakes on basic things - health, rights of all sorts;

a stocky Russian leader grabbed countries

and states and  lands with impunity while

a head of Syria slaughtered fellow

but different countrymen and women,

- gas attacks the latest weapon of choice;

Egypt held thousands of men without trial.


Back on this venerable divided isle

a leader hugely overstayed his welcome;

men continued to kill or maim women;

gangs shot gangs, practised extermination;

bosses lost money, sacked the little fellow;

a rich man spent lots to defend his name;

posh thieves worked over banks successfully,

justice miscarried all at our expense.