Mindless Scrolling


I sometimes find myself scrolling addictively through social media. I shouldn’t but I do. Some contributors there produce the most virulent and abusive bile against others for no reason other than these platforms actively encourage it. The viciousness and level of lying beggars belief. But I am guilty of supporting it by reading this garbage. I must stop this stupid practice. In the meantime, this piece surfaced, tongue in cheek. So read, enjoy, pass it on and give me feedback.


Clichés Undone

Where there are two or three gathered in my name,

you may be sure they are tearing strips off me.

My ears are so red, they stop the traffic in both directions.


Conversation and cackles degenerate into pure malice,

and the assassination of my character continues,

as they eviscerate every element of my being,


to the point where even I do not recognise myself.

They have created a new Frankenstein

to be feared, avoided but also terrorised.


And the worst, the very worst - the destruction

is completed by using very tight-lipped niceness -

the most silent lethal weapon on the planet.


Peter Clarke