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It has been a while. Life was frantically busy. A Creative Masters (Poetry) start at Manchester Metropolitan University, a weekly trip there for class, weekly writing and an assignment would have been enough. But then, Dorothea Aoife Ní Chlérigh-Lynch was born on 25th April 2019, pushing everything else into the shade. And so, we blissfully welcome her into the world and into the family. She is a treasure, delight and a great house upheavaler! We are now a household of seven persons all of whom are subservient to the new arrival, Dorothea. She, therefore, has to be the main event right now. There is more to come but for later episodes. As is in keeping with my granddad brief and aspiring writer a heralding is in order. Here it is, and, as usual, read, enjoy, share and give me feedback.


Dorothea Aoife Ní Chléirigh-Lynch

(for my granddaughter, born 25th April 2019)


A three-point seven five kilo mouthful,

divinely edible; serene, comfortable

in her own skin – pink, soft and fluffy to kiss,

and unbelievably long-fingered.

How did that happen? her brother

is often heard to say – as she settles

into the adoring gaze of her family.


Smaller; trouble-free, easier arrival,

shaped even now by a name –

flashing image of a lost Aoife.

Has she been set up to fill big shoes?

It seems so, but she will be her

own person set her own stamp,

a trait of stubborn self-will

on both sides ensures it.


Peter Clarke

1st May 2019