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Industrial Scene (1965)
L. S. Lowry

The Time has Come . . .

I did signal a year ago that I would end my working life and then mainstream the enterprise I have been mooching around for all of these years. And so, today is the day. Clarke Consulting and Training Associates closes its doors finally, and space is made for the scribbling, stumbling, bumbling screech of pen across paper. In addition, the two years of Masters in Creative Writing is rapidly coming to an end. From January next, I will be a writer in training, in decline, in murmuring, in elderly practice.

I want to say míle buíochas to everyone with whom I have had the honour and pleasure to work with during my career as an organisational psychologist. It has been a real blast over the past twenty-eight years. A special thanks to my family who supported me back to university all those years ago; to Dr Raymond Cadwell who nurtured me into the profession and to work colleagues and associates down the years; a huge thanks to all my clients who placed their trust in me to deliver the work, and, even, or maybe especially to the ones who fired me before completion; to my friends both new and long term for their constant encouragement and companionship.

I am delighted to give myself over to being a companion to Margot, grandparenting and chauffeuring, and continuing to read, write and share a love of poetry. So keep looking out for this space. It will go on.


  • The Poet at 75

    what is there to do now
    boast a successful life


    act younger more foolish
    make a pretence of hip


    stave off invisibility
    end a project with a flourish


    rummage around the space
    begin a new endeavour


    keeps on keeping on
    start into the next box set


    stare out the window all day
    when not reading the dailies


    did dad those years before
    begin purposeful walking


    was mam’s post work occupation
    until she couldn’t


    what is there to do
    as an endgame