Jun. 19, 2022

Where to Begin


Recently I heard myself diatribe negatively about the state of the world and its increasing mess. I was speaking matter of factly as if it didn’t really impact on me, I was a casual observer. In a way this is true, I do not directly experience any of the horrors that large portions of the world population have to face daily. I am truly grateful for that there but for accidents of birth . . . Nevertheless, if I pay attention to the world, my heart sinks and I feel myself descending into irrecoverable chaos and hopelessness, running the risk of being another burden in an already overburdened situation. I have not found a way yet to be useful, help counteract the downward trend.  Deep down, I think I have a delusional belief that somebody or something will do something – a classic denial.  So I write, I stave off the chaos and I try to follow a basic rule do no harm. I have returned to morning reflection, exercise and writing.