May. 10, 2022

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, they do. Each horrific scenario is competing for air space and trying to grab our nanosecond attention span. It would and should seriously disturb our equilibrium. But it doesn’t so long as we are not directly impacted. Our psychic survival requires us to be in denial for as long as we can. This was also my experience when I was young in the early fifties. We were poor, relying on jobs which were tentative, scraping a weekly wage and hoping it would continue. My Ma’s escape, and so mine was the cinema, as it was for so many people and I was sharply reminded of that very recently. It triggered this piece. Read enjoy pass it on and send feedback.

May. 10, 2022

From the age of five my lift off
out of the grey concrete fifties
was the magic of musicals on film

I lived for the plush seat the darkened
space where quite quickly I vanished
into the screen and joined them

I was Mickey Rooney to Judy Garland
The Student Prince in Heidelberg
Danced George Chakiris in West Side Story

I played every romantic lead
down all those years enveloped in each film
sometimes not returning for days

After a matinee that imprinted me
the world was an alien place
with its cacophony and blasting light

I became the original escapologist

Peter Clarke
May 2022

Peter Clarke