Dec. 27, 2021

Is this not mad or what? In our lockdowns, distancing, isolation we are reduced to the observation of the minutiae and the mundane. So we must make the best or the worst of it. On my daily treks to and from my end of garden haven, and in the vacant staring out of the windows silly things emerge and this is one of them. Enjoy, forward to others and give me some feedback.




Dec. 27, 2021

Three windows, full length and narrow
face southwest and draw in the light,
diffused by a dense overgrowth
of hedge and bush disguising a wall.

A lawn, looking like a dishevelled coat
contains a bed of untrammelled shrubs.
Table and chairs, strewn about on the deck
outside, confirms human lack of care.

Snakes or tarantulas lurking about
are not the major threat to life,
rather volumes of dog shit held aloft
by grass, primed for the unsuspecting shoe,

deposited by the inside mutt, whose
production rivals his methane counterpart.

Peter Clarke