Sep. 14, 2021







A dictionary defines this word in the following way:

1. A convenient arrangement, a settlement or compromise;

2. The process of adapting or adjusting to someone or something;

3. Temporary lodgings;

4. An available space for occupants in a building, vehicle, or vessel.

Our household has been evolving in the second definition for the past twelve years. Technically our accommodation process involved growing from two to four adults, zero to three children and zero to two pets. Each growth has had its reward and challenges. We are now required to avail of the fourth definition by increasing our space for occupation. 

Animals have been domesticated and became friends and companions to humans for a long time. It is estimated that dogs were domesticated 16,000 years ago and cats around 4,000 years. We have been cohabiting for a long time.

Covid and lockdown has generated a huge interest in getting, having, and keeping pets. All pet charities report huge volumes of enquiries and uptake of adoption of animals.

In addition, there is a body of evidence which points to the benefits of caring for an animal, from increased physical activity, increased body strength and the benefits of their companionship from the comfort of touch to the breaking of isolation. All great reasons to have a pet.

Over the past nine years I have watched how our rescue mutt, Dobby, as he has accommodated to his changing situation and here is the result of my observations.

So, as usual, read, enjoy, pass it on and send me feedback.


Sep. 14, 2021

Scooped up from a carpark at a few days
manged, carried carefully to the kennels

Fostered then adopted in less than two weeks
he shivered and shook his way into our lives

From lovable pup to affectionate tan terrier
he anthromorphed into the favoured one

Until and until . . .

Harvey’s arrival dropped him down the pecking order
created a stand-off with occasional growls

Then before peace negotiations could begin

Walter appeared shunting our canine further
The situation demanded interventions

Walks, treats, attention, affection to offset
humiliation – it worked well

Except but except . . .

Dorothea burst into his world a crowning last
defeat or so we thought because in a little time

the animal bug caught up . . .

without warning or preparation
Armeow, a tabby kitten of weeks - down from the North -

colonised his narrowing world
Our now middle aged mutt lost out again

She taunted him till they had to be separated
His eyes would widen, gaze lengthen in desperate appeal

Finally, he sniffed round this curiosity and was lost
His sole response - a tired familiar accommodation

Peter Clarke