The Business of Poetry

Apr. 29, 2021

It is Irish Poetry Day today. A blog is in order. The illustration portends news and news there is. In the previous blog, I was able to say that the I had submitted my dissertation for the Masters. Now I can say that my submission has been successful. Great relief and jubilation all round.

To add to the celebrations, I will be reading one of my poems on the Poetry Programme on RTE Radio 1 on Sunday 2nd May at 7.30 pm.

In addition, another of my poems will appear in Lifespan Vol 2, Growing Up which has just been published by Pure Slush.

As part of the Bealtaine Festival, The Bealtaine Writers responded to the Paula Meehan’s As if by Magic, the Book of the Festival. On 20th of May we will be reading those responses

prior to the interview with Paula and Mia Gallagher

Since I completed the course in March, I have taken to writing short pieces and seeing where they lead me. I was surprised to realise that my focus has been on my youngest grandchild. I suppose that may be because we spend every morning together. As usual, please read, enjoy, share and send me some feedback.

Apr. 29, 2021


Serious writing morning
interrupted by Dora,
insistent grandchild, drawing
her images intensely,
demanding marker changes.

My own focus dismantled
in service of young talent.


A wathery sun, we’d say,
coupled with an east wind chill,

does not deter her intent march
up and down the spring garden,
speaking to plants and pidgeons
calling to us her demands

for play, for food, for attention.


The youngest of the household
has just reached the landmark age
of two years on the planet.

Marks both the rich unfolding
of a brilliant young human,
and the timely closing down
of the elder folk at home.