Mar. 16, 2020

On the Joys of being Socially Distanced at home

Young boys run loudly wildly through the house
flying Lego’s newly found killer drone

Grandad in his shed fingers the mouse
of his computer sitting reflecting alone

Television starts up Halloween Two
bringing the scared boys closer to Dad

Mother sits surrounded by not a few
Lego strewing the carpet not getting mad

Gran has just left the house on a visit
to one recovered from surgery not bright

A baby sits in it all quite spirited
squawking and bouncing in pure delight

The walls look like they might close in
slowly at first then rapidly squeezing

seven occupants reducing them to thin
rakes complete with brains freezing

Dirty delph is mounting as are calls
texts and mails checking that we’re alright

A new order descending in these walls
hopefully in peace and without fight

Peter Clarke