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Nov. 8, 2019

As a celebration of my upcoming birthday, I thought it fitting to write something that reflects my current daily life. It’s a great privilege to study, write and learn at this age. It has intrinsic worth in itself, without the “I’m doing this so that . . .” I am having enormous fun and pleasure, not to mention interesting challenges on my weekly trips to class in Manchester. Classmates are great to be with and are all wonderful writers. Carol Ann Duffy, our tutor, is an astute commentator on our work while being enormously supportive and encouraging. It is a great space to be in right now and I am so enjoying it. However, it doesn’t make writing any easier.

So read, enjoy, pass it on and send me encouraging and corrective comments, please !!!


Nov. 8, 2019

Six months paperwork lies piled on the desk,
eight dry fountain pens need to be refilled,
one computer switches on, lights up, waits,
three notebooks spread themselves on the table,
six books of poetry wait to be read.

The writer scribbles, scratches, more in hope
than delivery. Five times in the hour
he wonders when coffee will be ready,
looks dejectedly at the near-empty page,
hauls himself up, lumbers towards the kitchen.

Peter Clarke

*Seomra: room