Oct. 19, 2019

The Fool on the Bike

Ah shure a small trip

around the forest tracks

with the borry of a bike

                                    wouldn’t that be great

Ah shure wasn’t the swim a day in the fine bright sea

for a whole two months enough of an exercise

to take a ride up around the gentle hills


But shure be-jaysus it wasn’t

the legs wobbled jammed

the chest hammered

                                    lungs a wheezing bagpipes 

Then shure didn’t gettin on and off

feel very dodgy 

the head spun it didn’t seem good at all


Feck shure didn’t the saddle

decide to drop without notice

and refuse to be fixed


Shit shure didn’t the cyclist

crouched and cramped

have to push himself

                                    the rest of the way back

Well shure he got there

in the end dragged himself home

panting and red


Peter Clarke

6th September 2019