Nov. 12, 2017

A Birthday Poem

Over the years I have written celebration poems for special occasions. They have given me great satisfaction and pleasure, to think about the occasion and the people involved and to write about them. Many of you will know that I my own birthday was on Saturday 11th November. To my complete delight an surprise my son-in-law Chris presented me with a book of poems by rupi kaur entitled milk and honey and his first written poem. It had to be part of my blog. I am touched, grateful and impressed. Incidentally the picture was made by my grandson Harvey to deptict his journey to his holiday home. Enjoy.



Or: an attempt at a poem on the occasion of Peter’s birthday


 1945 -2017

Ever decreasing circles.


Ranelagh, Crumlin, Ballinteer, Malahide

Ever increasing circles.


One house, six people

Too many circles?




But somehow it works,

like cogs in a clock

ticking forward

occasionally backward

or stopped.


But mostly it works.




By Chris