Talking about her

Aug. 18, 2018
Sep. 28, 2017

Elizabeth's death hangs over us in the Bealtaine Writers Group. We had our first meeting last week without her. Her absence dominated the conversation and stories of her filled the morning. In addition, there were a few poems written in her honour and memory. This is my modest contribution.


Sep. 28, 2017


And God said, “I need someone”.

Heaven is tawdry and tired,
the inmates are jaded,
languishing in the too good.

The Cherubim and Seraphim
are indolent, institutionalised,
no longer on their mettle.

Too many long term staff
have lost the edge, the engagement.

“I need someone,” God repeated.

Heaven instituted an executive search.
The recruiter sought a job spec:

An experienced organiser,
a get up and go person;
talented across wide areas,
a no nonsense leader:
inspirational and firm.

“And no internal candidates,” warned God.

They searched high and low
across present and future.
Lists were made, reviews done,
References taken up,
top secret heavenly dossiers compiled.
Stress was high, tension electric.

God pressured with daily emails.

Presently a streets ahead candidate emerged:
Poet, painter, gardener, teacher,
leader of writing groups,
maker of great families, good friend.
Feisty, opinionated, northern don’t you know.

God said, ”I’ll have her she is just what we need”.

Problem, they said, she’s nowhere near ready
to make the change, has too much on her plate.

“Sort it”, God said. And they did.

Now a new Major Domo runs the heavens,
things are getting into line and done.
Heavens’ gardens are being resown
singing groups are in rehearsal
poets are busy with uplifting words
artists are everywhere
brightening up the place.

God is pleased

Watch out though.

There is endless work to be done,
more outside influence is needed,
the Major Domo is on the search.

Peter Clarke